The Village

What does the Safety Village do?

Through hands on safety lessons, the Safety Village helps to reduce injuries by teaching children, teens, adults, and seniors responsibility and awareness.

Based on statistics from the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre, injury is the leading cause of death for Canadians aged 0 to 44 in our community in Southwest Ontario.

Injuries are NOT accidents.


These injuries include falls, motor vehicle collisions, falling objects, self-harm, and sports and recreation.

How can the Safety Village help to prevent these accidents?

The Safety Village can help with providing in class education taught by professionals in injury prevention and with hands on learning in a safe controlled environment.

Additional programs to be offered

Senior Safety and Awareness:

  • Crime prevention- including fraud, scam, and identity theft
  • Home safety- medications, disaster awareness
  • Family violence- elder abuse
  • Pedestrian and traffic safety

Youth / Teens:

  • Bullying
  • Cyber bullying
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Work place safety
  • Peer pressure
  • Bicycle and road safety

Fire Safety and Awareness
Internet Safety

The Concept

The Safety Village concept consists of one main building with a 3 bay garage and an outdoor real life concept of a Community featuring approximately 17 miniature (child size) themed buildings, an outdoor covered open gazebo, a repair and storage building and the required parking needed.

The main building will be an approximate 10,000 sq. feet, 2 story open concept fully accessible building. The first floor will be approximately 7800 sq. ft. and the second approximately 1400 sq. ft.

The first floor will consist of an entrance, main lobby area, an administrative office, accessible male and female washrooms, elevator, 3-4 smaller teaching rooms, an outdoor teaching area, a kitchen area, equipment storage and a large multi-purpose room with a seating area.

The second floor will consist of 2 larger teaching rooms and an accessible washroom.

The outdoor real life Community concept will consist of approximately 17 child size themed buildings. Each themed building will have a safety theme or message (or several) that through interactive and hands on experiences, will promote awareness of safety hazards, teach prevention of these hazards and educate on the possibly of the consequence of these hazards. There will be a mixture of approximately 18 – 10×10 or 10×20 miniature buildings depending on sponsorship, property size and building set back requirements and also repair and storage building.

Children would make their way through the outdoor Community following the replica roadway system- with real streets, sidewalks and landscaping by walking, biking or child size electric motorized vehicles to each of the miniature building.

The services that the Safety Village will provide are daily teachable interactive lessons of safety and hands on educating. Through scheduled timelines- volunteers from their expert fields will provide guidance and education to their audience.

The Safety Village will hold monthly sponsored special events days promoting and focusing on safety around various events, some include Halloween Safety, Emergency Preparedness Week, Christmas at the Village- promoting Christmas tree and snow safety, slippery conditions, safe shoveling techniques, Earth Day celebrations- nature and animal safety, Family Day Activities, Babysitting Courses, First Aid Courses, Child restrain insulation, March Break Camp, Summer Leadership Camps, Family Movie night and many more.

Some of the safety topics that will be covered are bullying, cyber bullying, Internet and social media safety, peer pressure, farm and wildlife safety, senior accident, crime and fall prevention, baby safety, fraud safety, home safety, fire safety, bike safety, sport safety, family violence and many more.

The Safety Village primary hours office hours will be Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm. However, the safety village will offer and provide training and education based upon any requested timeline. Therefor week night and weekend hours will be available as well as other hours to cover the monthly themed format of the Village.

The Community Children’s Safety is currently being facilitated by volunteers. The Safety Village will operate very similar to a school setting. It is expected that the Village will employ one to two part time coordinators to facilitate group requests and organize volunteer teachers and field expert’s educators (based on funding). The Village will maintain a list of qualified educators in the safety fields being offered. The Safety Village will mirror the Ministry of Education curriculum and student ratio for teaching. It is expected that the Safety Village could accommodate 2 large groups of 20 participants (Primary to adult) with 1 instructor each group and 2 smaller groups (Pre K and Kindergarten) of 13 participants to 1 instructor per group at one time. Therefor there it is possible that up to 70 individuals could be within the Safety Village property at one time.

Based on 2012 enrollment of the Grand Erie District and Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board and other schools and groups as listed in the chart below, it is expected that the Safety Village could accommodate the expected number of possible groups and individuals that may visit the Village.